Love Brewing In The Trenches: How Long Are You Willing To Wait And Build?

When we see lovers who have been committed to each other for years, we usually wonder if we have that kind of patience.

Sometimes we wonder why we weren’t lucky enough to meet the right person right away, who would give us every reason to stay and build.

We sometimes blame our first love for being overly possessive, casual, and uninterested in the lovely love story you were attempting to write.

Every other human being on the planet wishes for long-lasting love.

Can I find a lover who will stick by me through the ups and downs?

So, how long are you willing to wait? Are you more concerned with having everything for yourself right now, or with laying a solid foundation for your love?

Love has become even more fragile in this day and age, when the ups and downs of life make it difficult to be patient enough to compromise, forgive, and build.


“How long are you willing to wait?” is the question. “The story of love has a happy ending if the partners are committed to a cause, unselfish towards each other, and willing to stick together through it all.”

What if I don’t find a partner with those characteristics? You may wonder, “Are you also a partner with those qualities?”

Normally, we look for better people to complete us or even to cover up our flaws and weaknesses, but the truth is that you cannot attract someone who you are not.

Even if you do manage to get someone out of your league, you lack the qualities required to keep them.

“Love blossomed in the trenches.” “How long are you willing to wait and construct?”


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