Man divorces jehovah witness wife after finding out that she has 3 kids already

James Banda, a resident of Kitwe, Zambia, and 30 years of age, has decided to take his wife to court. He accuses her of deception, a charge that has shaken the foundation of their marriage.

James and his wife, Barbara, who is 29, tied the knot in 2013. They both belonged to the same religious group, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and their union seemed harmonious. However, this harmony was short-lived, lasting only two years before hitting a major snag.

The issue arose when Barbara gathered the courage to reveal a secret she had kept hidden. She confessed to James that she was actually a mother of three from previous relationships, contrary to her initial claim of having only one child. James, who also had a child from a previous relationship, was taken aback by this revelation. He said, “When we were about to get married she told me she had one child and I accepted because I also had one. Two years later she said she had three children and this came as a surprise to me,”


James expressed his disappointment in court, stating that he felt deceived and wished to dissolve the marriage, which he believed was based on falsehoods. Furthermore, he voiced his frustration not only at Barbara and her family for their deceit but also at his own inability to financially support the three children. It’s a complex situation indeed!

Source : ghpage

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