Man Kil!ed In A Fight With Trotro Mate Over 2 Cedis Increment of Fares

An unnamed man reportedly died on Saturday night, October 29, after an altercation with a driver’s mate in Accra over a 2 cedis increase in transport fares.

According to an eyewitness, the Trotro mate’s announcement of the new price sparked a heated argument in the commercial bus.

If the deceased was unable to pay the new fare, he was asked to exit the vehicle. He refused every attempt to get him off the Trotro.

The driver returned to the Lapaz bus terminal, where the passenger waited for him to exit so they could continue their journey with the other passengers. But the now-deceased man insisted on not going down.

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When they tried to force the passenger out of the Trotro, a fight broke out between him and the mate.

In the midst of this, a blow thrown at the passenger by the driver’s mate landed him on the concrete pavement, his head striking the pavement, resulting in his death instantly.

Antwi Edmond, a Twitter user, recounted the incident, which was accompanied by videos:

The massive price increase caused a commotion in our vehicle, so a male passenger who couldn’t stop talking after everyone had calmed down at some point, kept annoying the driver and his mate, to the point where the driver had to stop at Mile 7 rasta park area and return to the terminal.


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