Meet 11-year-old Samara Osae-Asare promoting Ghana around the world

Thanks to technological improvements, we live in a global community. People from many backgrounds can express a little bit of who they are to the world, regardless of their religious, social, or political affiliations.

Nevertheless, despite the tools at their disposal, many people in the West are completely unaware of the existence of the different nations in Africa as well as their respective cultures and ways of life.

Currently, a young person has made it her mission to raise awareness of Ghana, a West African nation, and Africa in general.

11-year-oldMost Ghanaians know Samara Osae-Asare by name since she spends her time promoting Ghana to foreign audiences.

The attention of the Ghanaian-American girl is drawn to everything, including the various languages, the cuisine that locals seem to like, and the breathtaking tourist attractions.

During the majority of her encounters with famous people, she teaches them a few words in the regional dialect known as Twi.

One of her beneficiaries is Swizz Beatz, an American musical producer, rapper, DJ, and songwriter.


She has urged celebrities to travel to Ghana, including the rapper Ice Cube, the actress Letitia Michelle Wright from Black Panther, the American singer Erykah Badu, the spectacular vocalist Lauryn Hill, and others.

Usher is already familiar with Ghana. He traveled the nation in advance of the Global Citizen Festival, which was held on Saturday, September 24, 2022.

The well-known American pop and R&B star spoke with regional traders and fisherman while visiting a number of locations in the Chorkor neighborhood.

Usher made a commitment to visit Ghana after the performance.

Who is Samara Osae-Asare?
Samara Osae-Asare, who is only 11 years old, stands out in the crowd. She commands attention as the entertaining host of TV3’s Kidz Arena, conducting insightful conversations with international personalities.

Her passion for journalism and entertainment drives her and makes her stand out among her colleagues. Samara’s ambition goes beyond her personal accomplishments; she wants to inspire other young people and motivate them to bravely follow their goals.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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