My boyfriend is very secretive, is it a red flag?

A woman who is confused needs help immediately. The woman claims that because her partner prefers to handle matters on his own, their relationship is suffering. Read the woman’s account below.

My bf is the independent type. He can be on his own and make decisions on his own without consulting anyone. Truthfully I’ve never met anyone who was this comfortable living a single life until I met him. We have dated for 1 year now and my problem is that although he assures me, I feel like I’m making more effort in the relationship than him.

He has explained to me that he is an only child and has been used to doing things on his own cos of that so it is somehow affecting our relationship. He goes to places alone without telling me. I tell him everything that happens in my life, but he is very close. He doesn’t open up with me or anyone. He can go for a whole day or two without calling to check up on me.


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His uncle died. This man was the one who took care of him as his own so he was like a father. My bf never told me until some days to the funeral. Like I don’t know how to explain but he doesn’t know how to open up about his life. His struggles. I have to push him first. Is it a red flag please?

SOURCE: Anonymous confession

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