My fiancee let me have s3x with other women – Michael Blackson

Michael Blackson,

Ghanaian-American actor, Michael Blackson, has revealed that his fiancée, Rada Darling, allows him to have intimate relations with other women.

In a recent interview with DJ Vlad, the comedian said his fiancée enjoys watching him having coitus with other women.He said, “My girl is like that [enjoys watching me having intercourse with other women].

Even when I’m having sex with my lady, she wants me to tell her how I f**ked the other woman. And that’s what makes her cum.

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He, however, said if his girlfriend allowed him to have sex with 200 women in exchange for her to get intimate with one man, he wouldn’t accept.

She can have all the women she wants. She can even have dildos. I don’t even care. But not a man,”

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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