“My first encounter with Mcbrown was unpleasant” – Nana Ama Achiaa, Mcbrown’s lookalike recounts

In a recent exclusive interview with GHPage TV, Nana Ama Achiaa—a self-described Nana Ama McBrown lookalike—discussed her first experience with the well-known actress and TV host.

Achiaa recalled how the director introduced her as the McBrown lookalike during their first encounter on a Kumasi set.

Achiaa, though, called the experience unsatisfactory and upsetting. She said that when she tried to approach and start a discussion, McBrown’s first response was cold and hostile.

Achiaa claimed that what wounded her the most was how McBrown appeared to disregard her presence and requested her to step away, giving her the impression that she was being disrespected.

Achiaa stated that she had always looked up to Nana Ama McBrown as a role model despite their bad initial encounter and professed her admiration for her.

She expressed her wish to get along with McBrown better and beg her pardon for whatever hurt she could have accidentally caused.

Achiaa also expressed her desire to advance her profession and become well-known in the entertainment sector.

Despite the pressure and difficulties that come with being a doppelganger, she remained upbeat about her future endeavors.


In an unexpected change of events, the woman who allegedly resembled Nana Ama McBrown has apologized for including McBrown’s husband in their recent social media dispute.

The impersonator apologized informally to the businessman and father of one during an interview with GHPage TV’s Abena Gold and Kaakyire Akosua.

The woman expressed regret during the interview and admitted that McBrown’s husband might have been harmed by her earlier remarks.

She emphasized her desire for reconciliation and frankly acknowledged her regret for including him in the argument.

The McBrown lookalike lady insisted that her goal was to make her identify known as such rather than to harm anyone’s reputation.

She begged McBrown’s spouse to forget their recent argument and grant her forgiveness.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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