My parents were so poor that I hawked to survive -Sandra Ababio

Sandra Ababio

Sandra Ababio, a Ghanaian actress, claims that despite the luxurious lifestyle she currently leads, life has not always been easy for her as she was born into extreme poverty.

The actress, who has been in a number of films including The Rejected Maid, Obra, M’ani Daso Asa, Sorrowful Colors of Love, among others, shared her story on the Delay show, which aired on Sunday (September 3), saying that her parents were so destitute that they couldn’t afford daily meals.

She described how her mother, a tiny trader, and her father, who did not have a regular profession, along with their four children, were compelled to relocate from one location to another because they could not afford to rent a suitable home.

Sandra claimed that because of the difficult living conditions at the time, she was forced to hawk on the streets in order to support the family.

She claimed that the neighborhood called her the “Queen mother of tomatoes” due to her fame as a street vendor.

We moved from one place to another until after years of struggle, we landed a single room with a small porch.

This small porch served as a makeshift stall for the things we sold and at other times, it was our sleeping place as well.


To contribute to the family’s income, I started hawking various groceries which earned me the nickname ‘queen mother of tomatoes’,” she said.

Sandra, who was visibly moved as she narrated the tale, opened up about how terrible it was for them during the wet seasons when the single’s heavily leaking roof.

However, she assured Delay that her life was far better and very different from that of her youth.

When Delay questioned her about the cost of the wig she was sporting on set, she even admitted to using one that cost 10,000 cedis.

The “Nipa Hu Ye Hu” actress also extended her gratitude to Kwadwo Nkansah, also known as Lil Win, and Deloris Frimpong Manso for seeing and nurturing her talent.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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