My wife burnt our house and putting the blame on me – Man weeps

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It’s been less than a year since my wife accidentally set our house on fire. I don’t want to ever hold her responsible for what happened so I’ve admitted it was an accident and I still love her incredibly.

The day it happened, we had an argument about the house. We built and moved into that house four years ago(it’s a two bedroom) at Prampram. We have another house in Accra(Four bedroom) which we’ve given out for rent at Ghc 5500 monthly.

The morning of the day the house got burnt, my wife said we should give the occupants of our four bedroom a 90 days notice to move out so we move into that apartment ourselves and give what we live in rather for rent.

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I am 48 years old and I spent a lot of money on that apartment because I wanted it to be another source of income for our family. We are just a family of five and we are OK where we were. I refused that we won’t ever move into that house until our first two children are done with school and working.

She didn’t want to understand, she kept saying where we were doesn’t suit us and that she was going to make sure we move out. I was at work that day when a call came in that our place was on fire. We lost a lot to that fire and at first, I blamed her for it. I believed she did it on purpose and I was soo angry but with time, I forgave her and accepted her explanation in good faith.

It was a coincidence cuz that wasn’t even the first time we had that argument and the house didn’t get burnt those times.
We had to move out so we for a while so I can fix the damage. So I rented a chamber and hall and since I’ve always wanted to insure the house and i still haven’t, I am the same person to use my money to repair it.

Do you know that my wife is encouraging the kids and they are all standing against me?? For almost a month all of them have been insisting we move to Accra. I don’t know why my wife doesn’t understand me at all. This thing is eating me up. I don’t know what to tell my wife anymore


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