Newmont Ahafo North project to produce 270,000-325,000 ounces of gold annually

Mining site

The mining giant, Newmont Gold Limited, is on the brink of commencing their mining activities in the Ahafo North project area, an expansive region of around 10,000 acres that covers five communities in Tano North Municipality, Ghana. The commencement of mining operations is anticipated by the end of 2024.

The project is projected to yield an impressive annual gold output of somewhere between 270,000 to 325,000 ounces. The Senior Manager of External Relations for the Newmont Ahafo North project, Mr. Joseph Danso, shared these insights during a recent media workshop. He also shed light on the considerable progress being made on the construction of major facilities, including the plant site and thermal facilities.

In addition to the economic benefits, the project is committed to careful environmental stewardship. Measures are being taken to monitor and manage any potential environmental impacts that may arise from the mining operations.

The project also promises substantial employment opportunities. During the construction phase alone, it is estimated that approximately 1,800 jobs will be created. Once operational, the Ahafo North project will provide 550 direct jobs. Newmont has pledged to recruit up to 53 percent of its workforce from the immediate host communities, underlining its commitment to local employment.


Further amplifying its commitment to the local communities, Newmont is investing in skills development programs. These include training for construction workers, apprenticeships, and soft skills training. These initiatives aim to ensure that the communities surrounding the project will benefit from sustainable development and long-term prosperity.

Newmont’s dedication to supporting local businesses and fostering economic growth within the communities is laudable. They’re implementing the Enhanced Local Procurement Programme (ELPP) and various local content opportunities to enhance the capacity of local businesses and create more employment opportunities.

In conclusion, the completion of the Ahafo North project will not only contribute significantly to Ghana’s revenue generation through taxes, royalties, fees, and community development but also underscore Newmont’s commitment to responsible and sustainable mining practices. The company’s dedication to creating lasting value for both themselves and the surrounding communities is a testament to their vision for a prosperous future.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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