One victim of military brutality in Ashaiman dies – Lawyer

Victims of the military brutalities in Ashaiman herded together, beaten and forced to roll and exercise in mud.

Emmanuel Kumador, the attorney for one of the Ashaiman victims of military violence, reports that his client has passed away.

He claimed that Alhaji Mohammed Musah, the deceased, passed away on Monday.

On Thursday’s Top Story on Joy FM, Mr. Kumador revealed this.

The victim tried to flee after learning that the military was in the area, but he was unsuccessful and fell, according to the lawyer who described the event.

According to the attorney, this specific victim had hypertension, which caused him to become ill after the fall and eventually pass away.


“The late Alhaji Mohammed Musah was one of the victims of the military brutalisation on March 7, 2023 within Ashaiman. He was sitting at the frontage of his house and when he saw the soldiers, the soldiers shouted and so he started running, he run to enter his house, when he entered his house he fell.

“He is already a hypertension person, so his pressure shot up and was admitted at the hospital, we were just informed that three days ago he could not survive,” Mr. Kumador revealed.

Dr. Al Hassan Hanif, who was in charge of treating many of the victims, confirmed to JoyNews that many of the victims had reported having lacerations on their heads, numerous bruises on their backs, and some of them were bleeding heavily.

He acknowledged hearing about the alleged murder when questioned about it.

He said a post-mortem is being conducted to determine whether there is a connection between what occurred and Alhaji Mohammed Musah’s passing.

The doctor stated, “Yesterday, around this time, I received reliable word that one of them had passed away. I informed the convener that I was going to the referral point to find out the cause of death to determine whether a post-mortem had been performed, so that we could determine the real cause.

Recall that a juvenile soldier was murdered at Ashaiman Taifa on March 4, 2023, on a Saturday.

His passing, however, infuriated the military, which is why on Tuesday, March 7, early in the morning, some military personnel entered Ashaiman and brutalized some residents in an effort to find the assassins of their colleague.

Additionally, they removed a few inhabitants to question them. The majority of them were later made available.

The local MP then denounced the armed men’s behavior.

While the soldier’s murder was a despicable act, in his words, “we cannot take the laws into our hands whether we are lawmakers or security agencies.”

The Ghanaian Armed Forces, in response, claim that the action was not carried out in retaliation but rather as part of a manhunt for some criminals.

According to GAF, “the military operation, which was sanctioned by the Military High Command, was NOT to avenge the killing of the soldier but rather to fish out the perpetrators of the heinous crime.”

They added that their “swoop” had led to the arrest of about 184 suspects aged between 21 and 47 years old and they have since handed them over to the military police who will subsequently send them over to the Ghana Police Service for screening and further action

In a related development, the Minister of Defence, Dominic Nitiwul has described the incident as regrettable.

According to him, in shaping a nation, it is always difficult to ensure that there is absolute peace due to the inevitability of such unfortunate incidents as happened in Ashaiman.

Meanwhile, the Defence and Interior Committee of Parliament together with the Ministry of Defense and the Military High Command on Thursday, March 16 paid a visit to the Ashaiman community to commiserate with the bereaved family.


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