Pappy Kojo insults Yvonne Nelson on stage ; Mocks her in a trending video

Yvonne Nelson

The current controversy in Ghana’s entertainment industry surrounds the rapper Pappy Kojo and the actress Yvonne Nelson.

Pappy Kojo, who is renowned for his upbeat music and straightforward manner, has drawn harsh criticism for his on-stage comments regarding well-known actress Yvonne Nelson.

Online videos show Pappy Kojo singing his popular song “Awo’a” for a group of college students.

The incident has drawn a lot of criticism from internet users, including followers of Yvonne Nelson and Pappy Kojo as well as those in the entertainment industry.The rapper has come under fire for using his position to disparage another public figure, especially one with whom he is said to have a history.


Media reports have suggested that Pappy Kojo and Yvonne Nelson once had a romantic relationship, although it only lasted a short while.

The two are said to have a past, which has sparked conjecture regarding Pappy Kojo’s remarks during the performance.

Some have speculated that the rapper may still be resentful of how their alleged affair ended as a result of the rapper’s comments.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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