Pastor proposes to widow at husbands funeral

A religious leader has sparked a wave of controversy following his actions at a funeral service where he was the officiant. The ceremony, which was supposed to be a solemn occasion where loved ones gathered to pay their last respects to the deceased, took an unexpected and dramatic turn.

As mourners were assembled to grieve the loss of their beloved, the pastor, in his role as the spiritual guide for the event, deviated from the norm in a surprising way.

A video that is now making the rounds on various social media platforms captures the shocking moment when the pastor knelt before the bereaved widow, expressing his affection for her and proposing matrimony right in front of the stunned attendees.


The attendees, taken aback by the pastor’s sudden proposal, could only watch in disbelief as the emotionally charged situation unfolded before their eyes.

Despite her sorrow and the tears streaming down her face, the widow managed to compose herself, accepted the pastor’s proposal and rose to her feet to embrace him. This extraordinary proposal happened while the deceased husband’s body was still on display for the final viewing and the funeral service.

This incident has since sparked a flurry of discussions and debates on social media platforms and among the general public, with many expressing their shock and disbelief at the pastor’s actions.

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