People Don’t Understand How Difficult It Is To Stay Sane In the Music Industry – Korede Bello

Popular Nigerian musician Korede Bello has admitted that it is challenging to maintain your sanity in the entertainment business, especially if you decide to maintain your sobriety.

The musician submitted the song on Thursday through a post on his X platform account.

He claimed that maintaining your sanity in the business was challenging, and being clean made it even more so. He went on to say that to keep an artist alive, people need to learn to support and uplift them.

Korede Bello

People don’t understand how hard it is to stay sane in a seemingly crazy industry. It’s even harder when you choose to stay clean.


So if you want to help an artiste stay alive, contribute to their mental health, support them while they’re still here with whatever you have, even if all you have are your kind words. You may not love their art, but you can choose to love the soul of the artist in the human being,” he wrote.

The submission is coming at a time when there are several reactions following the controversial and sudden death of fast-rising singer, Mohbad.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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