“Randy Abbey gave me GH8k to sleep with me” – Abena Korkor makes another shocking revelation

Abena Korkor

The host of Kingdom FM, Fiifi Pratt, found himself in a difficult position when an interview on his show took an unexpected turn. The guest, Mental Health Activist Abena Korkor, made some startling claims about her relationship with Media Personality and Sports Administrator, Randy Abbey.

Abena Korkor alleged that Randy Abbey had exploited her vulnerability, engaging in a romantic relationship with her while providing her with GHC8,000. She also stated that Randy had promised to help her pay her school fees, a promise that was never fulfilled, according to her.

Randy Abbey

In an unexpected twist, she revealed that Randy had offered her $20,000 for a romantic relationship, which she declined.

These revelations were surprising, especially considering that Fiifi Pratt had expected Abena Korkor to praise Randy Abbey as her mentor. The host found himself in an unfortunate situation, having unintentionally facilitated this exposé.


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Following the interview, Fiifi Pratt felt the need to apologize to Randy Abbey. He expressed his remorse for the situation and acknowledged his role in it. He took full responsibility for the unintended consequences, expressing his regret for any distress caused by the interview.

In essence, Fiifi Pratt found himself in an unforeseen predicament due to the surprising revelations made by Abena Korkor during the interview. He expressed sincere regret for the situation and extended an apology to Randy Abbey for any harm caused by the interview.

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