Real story behind trendy song “nnipa ne bi yɛ cobra

Music is a powerful force, and sometimes, unexpected hits emerge from the most unlikely of places. This has been the case with ‘Cobra’ by Obaapa Gladys, a song that has taken Ghana by storm.

The interesting twist is that the song’s popularity was initially sparked by a wave of mockery due to its perceived low-quality video and vocals.

However, as it often happens in the music world, what started as ridicule soon turned into admiration as listeners began to connect with the song in a deeper, more meaningful way.

The song’s producer, Fred Kyei Mensah, known in the industry as Fredyma, recently shed light on the song’s journey. He shared how he was introduced to Obaapa Gladys by a colleague, Flash Da Sikk Beatz, and was immediately intrigued by her unique lyrics.

Despite his initial reservations about her vocal abilities, he saw potential in her idea and decided to work with her to bring the song to life.


Interestingly, the song’s unexpected rise to fame seems to be linked to recent political events. Fredyma believes the song’s lyrics resonated with the public in light of Alan’s resignation and his formation of the Movement for Change, as well as Kennedy Agyepong’s controversial statements about his party.

As a result, ‘Cobra’ quickly became a social media sensation, with users using it to express their views on the political situation and also personal situations.

In the end, ‘Cobra’ serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of music. One moment, a song can be an object of ridicule; the next, it can be a powerful anthem that captures the zeitgeist of a nation.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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