Sachet Water To Be Sold At 50 Pesewas Effective Monday

Sachet Water

Starting a result of suggestions from the National Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers, the cost of sachet water is anticipated to increase to 50 pesewas as of September 19.

Additionally, a bag of sachet water is now available from the retail trucks for GH 7.

In a statement, the group also advocated raising the cost of bottled water.

“Iced water bottles of 500 ml should be sold for GHC 2, while iced water bottles of 750 ml or medium size should be sold for GHC 3,”

The statement continued, “These reviews serve as a guide to all regional associations and to maintain uniformity across the country.”

The increased cost of inputs like petroleum and packaging materials, which are primarily imported, has forced these hikes.

The group added that rising power and water rates also had a role in the price increase.

Find below the full statement

The national executive committee of the National Association of Sachet and Packaged water Producers (Naspawap) in consultation with stakeholders wishes to recommend the following price reviews of bottled and sachet water. These reviews serve as a guide to all regional associations and to ensure uniformity across the country. The NEC also causions that there might be slight variations across regions due to haulage to remote and distant areas.

It is recommended that ice bottled water 500ml be retailed at 2ghc, and iced bottled water, 750ml or medium size, be retailed at 3ghc.

Iced sachet water is recommended at 50 PESEWAS.

A bag of sachet water, 500ml by 30, will now sell at 7ghc from the retail trucks. Mini shops will now retail a bag of sachet at 9ghc per bag. These reviews take effect from Monday September 19, 2022.

The price reviews have been necessitated by rising cost of inputs such as fuel and packaging materials which are mainly IMPORTED, increases in electricity and water which took effect from September 1, 2022. At our previous review in March 2022, the dollar was in the region of 8.5ghc. Currently it is inching up to 10ghc. Fuel prices have significantly gone up since our last review. It was 9 and now it is 14.5ghc, which is 61 % change since. March 23, 2022.

The suggested adjustment is to help producers cover their production costs

We appreciate the difficulties our consumers have to go through to endure these hardships. We appeal to all to bare with us.

The Director of corporate affairs


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