Security worker pays $400,000 tithe after stealing $2 million

Roselyn Dunga, a 31-year-old airport security officer from Zimbabwe, embarked on an adventure that could easily be a plot for a thrilling movie. While working her shift at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport, she stumbled upon a fortune she couldn’t resist.

During her usual duties, she discovered five suitcases brimming with cash. Instead of reporting this unusual find to her superiors, she decided to partake in the illicit act, allowing four bags to pass through and keeping one for herself.

Once home, she unlocked the bag to find it overflowing with $100 bills, totaling a staggering sum of $2 million. Despite the unconventional means of acquiring this wealth, Dunga, being a devoted follower of her faith, decided to express her gratitude to God.

She generously donated a substantial amount of $400,000, which was twice the usual tithe, to her pastor, Edmore Chipisa of Heavenly Fire Ministries. The pastor, in turn, used this hefty sum to purchase a luxurious new home in the posh Gunhill suburb of Harare.


Having tithed and presumably cleared her conscience, Dunga embarked on a spending spree. She purchased a lavish double-storey mansion in Borrowdale West for $580,000, registering the property under her sister Locadia Chumikosi’s name.

However, this tale of fortune took a turn when her ex-boyfriend, bitter about being excluded from her newfound wealth, reported her to the police, leading to her arrest. It’s a story that truly encapsulates the saying, “easy come, easy go.”

Source: Senali News Ghana

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