Sex is not the most important in marriage – Philipa Baafi

Philipa Baafi

Although it is widely accepted that sex is a necessary component for a marriage to survive, gospel singer Philipa Baafi thinks that sex is not the primary factor in a marriage’s success.

The award-winning singer stated that other factors, like as decision-making and having an understanding partner, are the secret to marriage success and longevity, not sex, in a recent interview on Capecoast-based Property FM.

Most often, I say that sex plays just a minimal role because after you get married, you become like siblings to each other.

“The Bible says can two walk together except they agree and so how can I journey on in life if my husband doesn’t share similar ideas with me it’ll be difficult,” she stated.

Philipa Baafi claims that she married her spouse because he shared her life vision and that their circumstances might have been different if they hadn’t come to terms with themselves.


During courtship, I realised that my husband understood my vision because if it wasn’t so like things will be very difficult and so I made him aware of what I wanted to do.

“So the most important thing is decision making and so you have to get someone you both understand each other which is a very important aspect.

 “Though the beauty of the person counts and the other things you want to consider but they’re secondary but understanding each other is primary,” Philipa Baafi stated.

On Thursday, August 3, Philipa Baafi was officially welcomed into the Medical and Dental Council as a physician assistant.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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