Snapchat influencer trends for buying a six bedroom house

Sara Lawson, a trained nurse and a renowned Snapchat influencer, has recently made headlines. She announced the purchase of a six-bedroom house in Accra, which has sparked curiosity among her followers.

Sara’s journey to success is an interesting one. It began when she embarked on online trading around 2016/2017. Despite being based in Aflao, she had to travel to Accra every weekend for deliveries, as most of her customers were there. This was a challenging period, but it was also an essential part of her journey.

Sara made a strategic decision to relocate to Accra in 2019, aiming to be closer to her clientele and eliminate the need for her weekly commute. This move marked a significant milestone in her entrepreneurial journey.


After moving, she continued to hustle and managed to buy a plot of land in Accra. However, the high costs of building materials forced her to pause the construction on her plot. But Sara remained undeterred. She decided to invest in a luxurious six-bedroom duplex in Accra for a comfortable stay while her construction project was on hold.

In a video, Sara attributed her success to her relentless hustle and her work as a Snapchat influencer. She believes these factors played a crucial role in her ability to accomplish so much in such a short span. Sara Lawson’s story stands as a testament to the power of hard work and determination, inspiring many.

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