Staff Humiliate Lady For Being Unable To Pay After Ordering At Restaurant (Video)

Staff humiliate lady for being unable to pay after ordering at restaurant

Due to her refusal to pay the bill, restaurant staff embarrassed a Nigerian woman in front of the general public.

She apparently completed eating and drinking before starting to make excuses when the waitress asked her to pay.

One of the employees could be seen requesting her phone in a video that was going viral online after she was unable to pay.

Another employee intervened and took her bag when she resisted handing over the phone.

She attempted to explain that she was waiting for a male to arrive and pay for her but they insisted on getting the smart device.

The scenario deteriorated and all three ladies started to physically assault her in an attempt to steal her phone.

One of the staff said: “You no know say you go pay when you dey chop all this one?. Dem dey follow you talk small small, you dey raise voice. Oga pay your bill!”

In response, the customer pleaded for them to stop embarrassing her.

“Can you guys just relax? Don’t touch me, wait make I pay my bills. Stop embarrassing me”, she said.

Watch the video below


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