Suspect lynched in bizarre VIP Bus theft in Kumasi

A young man was lynched in Asafo, Kumasi, after it was claimed that he tried to steal a bus from the nearby VIP stop.

According to reports, the dead, who was thought to be in his 30s, broke into a VIP-branded bus and took off in it.

When the bus driver noticed this, he hopped on a motorcycle and gave the man a close pursuit.

The conductor raised the alert while being pursued, and some locals joined in, according to Dadiesoaba Assembly Member Akwasi Agyeman.

When he arrived at the GRA office, he had to ascend a hill there, but the bus also moves with air, and it appeared that there was insufficient air to keep it moving.
“And because he didn’t get the chance to fill it with air before moving it, he got stuck and the mate was able to catch up with him,” Mr Agyeman told Accra-based Class FM.

The growing mob subsequently caught the suspect after another desperate attempt to flee the scene.

“When the mate shouted to attract the crowd, he attempted to get down and run away, he tried going back but run into someone’s vehicle. So people came and beat him up. The mob beat him up.”

Police in Asokwa have placed his remains at the morgue.


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