The 6 Impeccable English Premier League Teams That Have Never Been Relegated

Logos of some Premier League Clubs

One of the toughest leagues in the world is the Premier League. Clubs have not had it easy trying to hang on in the English top division. 72 clubs compete daily in three divisions below the Premier League in an effort to rise to the pinnacle of English football.

Even though the Premier League was founded in 1992, just six clubs have avoided relegation. So those perfect six clubs are the subject of our attention today.

Only a select few clubs can say they have never been relegated since the Premier League was created in 1992 as the First Division’s replacement competition.

Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, Everton, and Chelsea are among the teams that have never been relegated from the Premier League. These six teams have consistently competed in the top level for many years.

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Chelsea FC

The fact that Chelsea, one of the heavyweights, is included should not come as a surprise. Five Premier League championships have been won by the London team.

However, the 2016–17 season was when they last achieved victory under Antonio Conte’s leadership.

Chelsea’s most recent promotion came in 1988-89 after they had previously been demoted in 1987-88. As one of only six clubs to survive relegation throughout the Premier League era, they haven’t looked back since.

The club’s history, however, underwent a huge change once Roman Abramovich acquired the squad in 2003. He started by giving the club some desperately needed cash. Under club legends like Jose Mourinho, Didier Drogba, and Frank Lampard, it then achieved new heights.

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspurs, another team from London, is also on this list. The Lilwhytes were elevated to the first division in 1978–1979 and have been there ever since.

Even though the Spurs have been incredibly close to winning the League on multiple occasions, they have never been able to add a championship to their resume. They may not have as many victories as other clubs, but they have always been strong opponents in the League.

However, the club’s success as runners-up in the Champions League in 2018–19 ranks among its most notable recent accomplishments. Some of the top players to emerge from Tottenham in recent years include Son Heung-min, Luka Modric, Gareth Bale, and Harry Kane.

Manchester United

The most well-known English team, Manchester United, comes up next. They have won three European Championships and 20 league championships. Although the Red Devils are not as good as they once were, they continue to be one of the most popular teams in history.


Liverpool is one of England’s Big Six teams, which is no secret. Liverpool has only only won one Premier League title, trailing only Manchester United in all-time titles in the top division.

In recent years, they have been a Premier League and European powerhouse. Additionally, Liverpool has won a total of six European championships, more than any other English team.

Furthermore, Anfield is regarded as one of the toughest places to play in by many of the game’s all-time greats, which contributes to Liverpool’s amazing global fan base.


The presence of Everton on this list will come as a complete surprise to many. Everton, though, has a long history in English football. Despite having a middle-of-the-pack reputation, they have won 9 championships in the top division.

The Merseyside club has also never been downgraded from the league, despite being kicked out in 1954–1955.


Arsenal players celebrating

Arsenal is the third London-based team on this list. Additionally, they are the oldest Premier League club.

They’ve been a member of the PL since the 1919–20 campaign. In the Premier League, where they have constantly been a top team, Arsenal has a long and famous history.

The Gunners are the only group in the annals of the Premier Title to have won the League and finished the regular season unbeaten.

Some of Arsenal’s all-time greats include Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Patrick Vieira, and many others. Even though the Gunners are in the midst of a rebuilding phase, their prospects are very good.


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