The New Force is a trap to lure us back to slavery – TikTok spiritualist

A lady on TikTok who is a spiritualist and identified as Nana Hemaa Lily has stated that The New Force group is a ploy to lure Ghanaians back to slavery.

The New Force has been trending on social media for weeks now with little information known about it but speculations suggest it’s a new movement spearheaded by business mogul Nana Kwame Bediako, popularly known as Cheddar or Freedom.

Although Freedom hasn’t officially made or passed any statement about the movement, people strongly believe he is the brain behind it because of photo similarities.

In a video, we’ve chanced upon on TikTok, Nana Hemaa also believes the movement headed by Chaddar and has stated that the millionaire wants to get Ghana back to slavery.

According to her, The New Force are actually white people but they are trying to use Artificial Intelligence and Cheddar to deceive Ghanaians to vote them into power so they can get Ghanaians back to slavery.

She went ahead to say that Ghanaians shouldn’t fall for all that the New Force movement is doing or saying because they have no good intentions for Ghanaians that is the reason why they are hiding behind a mask.

Watch the video below:

SOURCE: Ghpage

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