“The trend is inspired by satan” – Pastor Elvis Agyeman speaks against birthday celebrations and its photo shoot

The founder of Grace Mountain Ministry, Pastor Elvis Agyemang, has found himself in the middle of a social media storm following his comments on a popular trend.

In a video that has since gone viral, Pastor Agyemang criticizes the increasingly common practice of conducting photoshoots to celebrate birthdays. He suggests that this trend is not just influenced by worldly desires, but also by Satan himself.

Pastor Elvis and his wife

Pastor Agyemang, who is known for leading the well-attended Alpha Hour prayer session at his church, opines that young people are placing a disproportionate emphasis on the superficial aspects of birthdays. He believes this is taking away from the spiritual significance these occasions should ideally hold.

In the video that has brought him under the social media scanner, Pastor Agyemang doesn’t mince words in expressing his disapproval of those who partake in the birthday photoshoot trend. He argues that those who do are essentially succumbing to worldly trends, which he considers trivial in the larger scheme of life.

A birthday photoshoot

Taking his argument a step further, Pastor Agyemang suggests that Satan is using this trend to divert people from their true paths. He believes that taking new pictures every year and sharing them with friends to receive birthday wishes is playing right into the devil’s hands.


According to Pastor Agyemang, focusing solely on marking the passage of another year during birthdays does nothing for one’s spiritual growth or glory. He urges those celebrating their birthdays to instead engage in prayer and seek divine guidance on how to commemorate their special day in a way that aligns with spiritual principles and does not inadvertently further Satan’s agenda.

However, his comments haven’t been received well by everyone. Many have disagreed with his perspective and accused him of practicing double standards. Critics argue that if he truly believes in avoiding practices associated with Satan, he should stop using social media to broadcast his sermons and Alpha Hour prayer sessions. These sessions, they point out, have also been criticized by some other religious figures as being influenced by negative forces.

In essence, Pastor Elvis Agyemang’s views on birthday photoshoots have sparked a debate about the intersection of spirituality and modern practices. While some agree with his stance, others have challenged it.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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