The youth of today sleep too much – McDan laments

Dr. Daniel McKorley

Dr. Daniel McKorley, Chairman of the McDan Group of Companies, has stated that many Ghanaian youths sleep too much and work too little.

Dr. McKorley stated on Accra-based Joy FM that because many of the country’s youths have been spoiled, the country has become a begging nation.

Dr. McKorley stated on January 4, 2023 in Accra- based radio station Joy FM that; “the youth of today sleep too much, and that is the problem… We have been treated with kid gloves among the youth in this country, and we are becoming a begging nation, which we must eliminate.”

There are vast opportunities out there for the youth which can be taken advantage of and that requires a lot of effort and hard work to push them one step higher,” he added.

McDan emphasized that the season where manna falls from heaven has ceased hence one needs to take a bold step towards achieving one’s goal and aspiration in life.


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