“There’s an association of married women that share young boys among to satisfy themselves” — Top Slayqueen reveals (Video)

Some married women have been exposed by a Slay queen, who called them out for belonging to a gang wherein they share young boys among themselves.

In the video podcast, the Lagos-based Slayqueen is clearly furious as she accuses the married women of attempting to snatch the young boys.

She said:

“There’s an association of married women in VGC that shares boys amongst themselves. They will gather, they’ll say they’re doing house party, girls night out, girls day out, girls trip but they’re sharing young young boys, they’re fvcking young young boys in this Lagos.

Women that come together just to share boys because they are married to men that have money, like I said they’ve been bored.


Their husbands are billionaires, they travel out so they don’t have time for their women and so all these people sit down to do is to look for small small boys to be fvcking, to be practicing all their fantasies on.

Okay when the husband goes out, travels or something, they’re using sex to please themselves.
When the husband is back, they’re too tired to do because they’ve already cum. Before your oga come, you don cum.”

Watch the video below:


SOURCE: Kessbenonline

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