There’s nothing like a former musician —Ded Buddy

Deb Buddy

R&B artist Ded Buddy believes that if outstanding musicians are forcibly forced into “retirement” just because they have worked in the system for a long time, the Ghanaian music business is doomed.

He remarked that only in Ghana are musicians forced away even when they still have a lot to give after calculating how long they will remain relevant.

The singer, who has changed her name to Qweci, stated in an interview with Graphic Showbiz on Tuesday, August 15, that the practice needs to end since it will destroy the nation’s music business.

“Shatta Wale has been leading the campaign on this for a very long time but it appears he is not getting the needed support. People are rather quick to judge him saying he is envious of the younger ones, but that is not true.

From where I stand, I perfectly understand him because I don’t know why people even think or label artistes as ‘former musicians’. Where in the world has anyone been given that title? It’s only in Ghana.

It’s like we have no regard for experience in our music industry. But in our culture, for instance, when there are difficult situations, it is suggested to seek the counsel of the old woman— ‘we are going to ask the old woman’” which signifies the importance of age and experience.

So why is it that when it comes to music, it is believed that those who are old and have been in the system for long are rather irrelevant and we will be calling for new and fresh faces? I just don’t get this,” he said.

Ded Buddy, real name Eric Turkson, was well-liked for his R&B-influenced tunes including “Yebesa,” which earned him a toast in his heyday.


He left to look for greener pastures and returned to the music industry anticipating a hearty welcome. However, based on his submissions, the system appears to have been unfriendly to his advancement.

Despite the difficulties, Ded Buddy, who returned roughly five years ago, has recorded songs like Eno Yaa, Party Tonight, Be Mine, It’s Your Birthday, and a remix of Yebesa with Kiki.

While he is working hard to contribute his talent to the industry’s progress, he told Graphic Showbiz that some people aren’t afraid to tell him out loud that he should retire and let the younger people have the spotlight.

This is the attitude that is stagnating the growth of the industry. Michael Jackson and Bob Marley are dead but are they still relevant or not? Was it not recently that we heard that our own Sarkodie and, just last week or so, Stonebwoy had been featured on Bob Marley’s Buffalo Soldier song?

We hail all these initiatives but we are quick to write off our own. A number of these older artistes complain about this situation which is not too good. How can the young ones tap into the experience of older artistes when we continue to tell us that ‘our time has passed’?” he stated.

Ded Buddy praised individuals like TicTac and music producer Appietus for reopening the dialogue when they recently appeared on Onua Showtime.

“I loved Tictac’s submission on the show that the older artistes should be supported to mentor the young ones. That is what Nigerians are doing. In Ghana, however, they will tell you to make way for a fresh face,” he added.

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