University of Ghana to sack students with CGPA below 1.00

The University of Ghana (UG) have introduced stringent modifications to its regulations governing the progression and withdrawal processes for undergraduate students setting a minimum of 1.00 CGPA as the requirement to remain a continuing student.

These changes, while aimed at upholding academic standards, come with a stark warning of potential student status loss.

In a student notice dated October 6, 2023, the Academic Affairs Directorate wrote, “With reference to Section 9.26 of the University Regulations for Junior Members (2017), on receipt of grades for all registered courses for an academic year, undergraduate students who do not achieve the stipulated minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for progression to the next level of study should be withdrawn from the university. Presently, the minimum CGPA prescribed for the above-listed Colleges is 1.00.”

This announcement carries significant implications for current level 200 and level 300 students who have just completed the 2022/2023 academic year. They are urgently advised to assess their academic performance through the online provisional transcript.


University of Ghana (UG)

The statement continued: “In this respect, current level 200 and level 300 students are hereby directed to review their academic performance from their online provisional transcript in their MISWeb.”

Should students’ CGPAs fall short of the mandated threshold, they will be met with official withdrawal letters delivered to their Official UG email addresses. Additionally, this change in regulations leaves students who have already made tuition fee payments for the upcoming 2023/2024 academic year in a precarious position.

The implementation of these stricter rules underscores the University of Ghana’s unwavering commitment to maintaining academic excellence. However, it also serves as a stern reminder that students must now face the very real risk of losing their student status if they fail to meet the newly established academic standards.


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