Viral Ghanaian Market women dancers from Makola fly for the first time (VIDEO)

The well-known Ghanaian Market women dancers are boarding an airplane for the first time ever since they rose to fame online.

The Makola market women who have been dancing with Ghanaian dancer Official Starter are rising higher thanks to their newfound love.

The market women are now flying on an airplane for the first time in their life, a few days after becoming famous after joining Burna Boy’s #CityBoy challenge and receiving praise and acclaim from the singer.

The Ghanaian dancer Ernest Raja Nettey, whose real name is Ernest, posted the new information on his social media accounts. At the Kotoka International Airport in Accra, he shared pictures of the Makola Market dance partners to spread the good news.


He captioned his post “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The Market women about to enjoy their first flight”. Fans of Starter and his Makola Market women have since been sharing their excitement for them.

“Now this!!! This is what we like to see. When creatives step in and empower their community and give wings to people who deserve it. Not when our fathers who are supposed to be our leaders build toilets for ridiculous amounts of money and expect that we hail them,” an Instagrammer wrote.

But it’s not clear where they’re going. The well-known Ghanaian Market women dancers will be in the news again this week for the second time. Burna Boy funded a billboard a few days ago at Makola in Accra as a thank-you for their participation in the competition.

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