We are suffering because we elected wicked leaders – Prophet Kumchacha

Prophet Kumchacha

The outspoken Ghanaian religious leader, Prophet Kumchacha, has made some pointed remarks about the nation’s political choices. As the founder of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, his words carry a certain weight with the public.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the tendency of Ghanaians to elect leaders who, in his opinion, have not led the country well. Drawing on his religious beliefs, he referred to biblical teachings that suggest the happiness of citizens is directly linked to the righteousness of their leaders.

In his words, “The Bible says that when the righteous man becomes a leader it brings happiness to the people in that particular place he’s leading. When you also get sinners and wicked people to be leaders of a country or get positions, the Bible says that country suffers and it hurts God.”

This statement implies that the perceived suffering of Ghanaians under certain leaders is a result of those leaders being ‘sinners’ or ‘wicked people’. It’s a bold claim, and one that certainly adds a religious dimension to the political discourse in Ghana.

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When asked why he, as a religious leader, is so vocal about political issues, Prophet Kumchacha defended his right to engage in politics. He stated that there is no sin in a pastor participating in political discussions. This suggests that he sees his role as not just a spiritual guide, but also as a commentator on societal and political issues.

It’s not a sin for a Prophet of God to become the president or be involved in partisan politics and that is what even brings blessings to the nation.
“If we say that it’s not good for the prophet of God to be doing politics then we’ll allow wicked people, occultists, ungodly and sinners to rather lead us.

“And when those people become our leaders then they come out with laws that will affect God’s people which we shouldn’t allow it to happen that way
,” he ended.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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