We have stopped taking alcohol – Tagoe Sisters

The Tagoe Sisters, a Ghanaian gospel music duo made up of Lydia Dedei Yawson Nee Tagoe and Elizabeth Korkoi Tagoe, have previously discussed their use of alcohol.

The gospel singers claimed that they made the choice to stop drinking because alcohol causes one to get dehydrated and has an adverse effect on the body, which could harm both their health and their musical careers.

The Tagoe Sisters contend that since it contradicts biblical principles, drinking alcohol is equally improper for Christians.

The Tagoe Sisters admitted during a Joyprime interview that they no longer drink because of the effects it would have on their music career.

“We have [taken alcohol] in the past. We stopped because It makes you dehydrated, you understand? So it doesn’t help your system. And we are growing too.


“So it’s not good for you to take one and then at the end of the day when to sing hallelujah, hallelujah somebody God bring another thing. And could lead you to forget about it [song], you are singing the first stanza and you go to the second stanza,” she said.

The Sisters also said, “some people it’s not good for some people as even doctors advise them to take something like red wine or something. But some people take it in excess and it becomes a trouble something.

“So for us, I would say red wine is good for others because if it is a problem for heart’s sake. But when you take alcohol, you behave like somebody who doesn’t have manners so it’s best to stay away,” Tagoes sisters said.

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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