“When a sakawa boy k!lls his girlfriend for money, it brings joy to my heart” – Kosi Ugo

A facebook user by the name, Kosi Ugo has stirred reactions on Facebook after his post about the recent k!llings of young girls by their alleged sakawa boyfriends went viral.

In the now deleted post, Kosi said that he “feels some unexplainable joy in his heart that money cannot buy” whenever he hears such news trending on social media

According to him, he also “feels to look for such guys, shake their hands and congratulate them for a job well done.”

This had so many comments from netizens who used the opportunity to bash him for making such an insensitive post like that which pushed him to delete it later.


His post comes after a Nigerian yahoo boy allegedly k!lled his girlfriend and cut the body into pieces for whatever he wanted to use it for.

The said alleged victim called Damian has already rebutted the claims saying he has no hands in the act and that he is very innocent.

SOURCE: Ghpage

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