When will the projects be completed? – Bullgod blasts tourism ministry

Controversial Bullgod, a well-known artiste manager and entertainment critic from Ghana, has criticized the current administration and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture for what he believes to be broken promises and fabrications in the NPP’s 2020 manifesto for the creative arts industry.

On September 29, Bullgod discussed particular pledges in the manifesto for the creative arts that, in his opinion, have not yet been realized in an interview with TV3.

Let me go through their creative arts manifesto. We will set up a creative art fund to support artists; have they done that? In addition to completing the theatre in Kumasi, we will construct new theatres in Takoradi and Tamale. Have they done that?” he quizzed.


Bulldog went on to express his dissatisfaction with the government’s alleged inaction and laziness, claiming that these traits are what lead to severe criticism of the institution.

This is why some of us get angry and speak the way we speak. Because we can also speak the way they speak politely, but we get angry because when the thing is written there, it will be done. And now they’re saying it’s ongoing. When would they finish?” he wondered.

Bullgod’s comments add to the current debate about how well the government has managed the nation overall, including keeping its pledges and improving Ghana’s creative arts sector.

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