Captain Smart queries the National Cathedral Board of Trustees, “Where is my cement?”

The National Cathedral’s Board of Trustees has been requested by Captain Smart, to return the bags of cement he gave for the building.
“Is this a picture of the money that has been granted to you so far? My cement is where? What did you do with it? Could this be the amount of money already spent?” Capt. Smart enquired.
As a result, he has asked the National Cathedral to provide an accounting of the funds used for the project.

Captain Smart gave 100 sacks of cement for the building of the Interreligious National Cathedral during the sod-cutting ceremony.

In an effort to show his support for the project, he was carrying a bag of cement.

Despite this, he gave a donation of GH 3,000 in cash, which is equal to 100 bags of cement.

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Captain Smart’s donation is the fulfillment of a promise he made following President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-announcement Addo’s that a National Cathedral will be built.

Following the contribution, some social media users questioned why a broadcaster of his caliber chose to advance a cause that Ghanaians felt shouldn’t be a priority given that Christianity is not the only religious faith in the nation.

The National Cathedral project has been put on hold months after the contractors, RIBADE Company LTD, allegedly fired over 200 of their employees due to a shortage of funding.

After spending roughly GH200 million on the project, the government has stopped work on the edifice’s 14.5-acre site near to the Ghanaian Parliament House.


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