Wife Dies In Car Crash While Chasing Her Husband and His ‘side chic [Photos]

A young woman who was apparently a housewife died in an accident while pursuing her husband and his side chic.
On Facebook, a young man going by the name Stephen Okposin described the tragic incident and posted images of his wife’s smashed automobile.

The married man’s wife reportedly spotted her husband leaving the store with another woman in his car after buying for her, according to the young man who reported the incident. The wife sped off and double-crossed the husband’s automobile in an attempt to catch him red-handed with the young woman.

The young man telling the story revealed that he was following the married woman who hit a tree at high speed. When the husband realized his wife was following him, he instantly came to a complete halt, dropped the side chic, and went back to help his wife. Despite being brought to the hospital, the woman passed away.

‘A woman reported dead after being engaged in a motor accident in Calabar while chasing her husband,”

Stephen Okposin, an eyewitness, claims that the accident took place earlier on the Murtala Mohammed Highway.

“The woman hurriedly drove to double cross them after seeing her husband at the Spar shop with another woman in the car. She felt irate and accelerated as the man noticed her car and quickly drove away.

“I observed her being involved in the accident and she was unconscious at the point of death just a few minutes after I passed them while driving behind them. The husband who was driving abruptly left the companion and hurried to the ground to help and revive her from the car.

“She’s been rushed to the hospital. We pray she survives it.”

However, reports now have it that the lady has just given up the ghost?

What do you think caused her death?

Do you blame the lady or the husband?

Your opinion please?

Credit: Facebook/Stephen Okposin

SOURCE: Ghbase.com

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