Woman who has been pregnant since 2022 cries and begs for help

Sobbing, a woman who has been expecting a child since 2022 says she wants to give birth right now.

The woman known only as @mshuneh surprised the globe by revealing that she had been pregnant since 2022 in a video she posted on Tiktok while displaying her large baby belly.
She was vague about the details of her pregnancy in 2022, including whether or not she was actually due later than expected, but her comments were replete with well-wishes for a peaceful delivery of her child.

She showed her tiredness by writing, “Am over with this pregnancy,” under a funny caption that read, “When you’ve been pregnant since 2022, and 2024 is just around the corner.”

Her comment section had messages like :

@sky babe reacted: “Your belle Dey fear me safe delivery ma.”
@TikTok Queen said: “How is dat even possible.”

@Niniola said: “Safe delivery.”


@Teddy bear commented: “I don tire self jus thinking of how induced myself.”

@folawe400 reacted: “My stomach size right now.”

@kaffyayodejiayinl reacted: “Sooner than u expected in Jesus name .”

@Sunshine said: “All I can see is twins safe delivery and congratulations I receive mine in jesus name Amen.”

SOURCE: Senali News Ghana

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