World Cup 2022: First Controversial Moment at World Cup After Ecuador Goal Disallowed

Ecuador scored the opening goal in the World Cup opener against Qatar, but it was disallowed because Michael Estrada was fractionally offside.

After a howler by Al-Sheeb, the number 11 played in Enner Valencia, but he was slightly offside when Felix Torres laid the ball off to him while jumping for the ball with the goalkeeper.

Ecuador opened the scoring against Qatar in the World Cup opener. There were rumors in the run-up to the game that the game had been fixed so that the home team would win. Those rumors intensified after Enner Valencia’s goal was disallowed for offside.

Al-Sheeb, the Qatar goalkeeper, came out of his goal to punch. It was a poor punch, and he exposed his goal. Ecuador kept moving, and the ball eventually reached the Ecuador captain.

With the goalkeeper completely out of position, he headed home at the far post.


But why was the goal disallowed? When Al-Sheeb jumped to clear, Felix Torres also jumped and got his head to the ball, according to replays. Michael Estrada was in close proximity to both Torres and the goalkeeper, but his foot was slightly offside. After Torres headed the ball, it bounced in the air before Estrada overhead kicked it to Valencia at the back stick.

The VAR disallowed the goal, and despite initial confusion, further inspection revealed that the decision was correct.

In any case, Ecuador took the lead with a penalty scored by Valencia in the 16th minute following a foul by Al-Sheeb.

Valencia then scored again shortly after the half-hour mark to make it 0-2 at the end.


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