“You’ll spend 7 years in prison for having s3x” – Qatar warns Ghanaian fans

Ghanaians and other football fans who consent to having sex at the 2022 World Cup will face a 7-year prison sentence, according to Qatari authorities.

has urged football fans to take action against quickies and one-night stands since those who partake in such heinous crimes risk doing time in prison.

The Qatari government has reinforced its opposition to promiscuous behavior, including casual sex and other sexually inappropriate behaviors, ahead of the World Cup in November.

The Qatari government has stated that unlike previous World Cup competitions, lustful people who think they would have a field day in Qatar will regret it if they tried.

In the clamor of warnings that they won’t be pleading for forgiveness if fans are found unlawfully bonking, officials have joined their voices.

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The global governing authority declared that there will be “no exceptions” to the ban on having sex outside of marriage during the four-week event.
Supporters of the Daring Black Stars have raised concerns about how the Qatari police will handle their sexcapade, alleging that they will be given the runaround.

S3x is largely forbidden unless you travel together as a husband and wife, according to a Qatari police source. There won’t be any one-night stands during this competition, for sure.
There won’t actually be any partying. Everyone must maintain their composure if they don’t want to run the risk of getting locked up.

“This year’s World Cup essentially has a s3x ban in place for the first time ever. Fans should be ready.

“It is strictly forbidden to engage in the after-game drinking and partying lifestyle that is typical in most areas.

If you get found, there are severe and terrifying repercussions. It has the potential to be a really disappointing competition for spectators.

We place the utmost priority on each and every fan’s safety and security.

While everyone is aware that public shows of affection are taboo and not a part of our culture, they are also forbidden before, during, and after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

SOURCE: Sportsbrief.com

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