2024 Railway Resilience Openings: PhD Position at the University of Western Ontario, Canada

The Mobility Technology Research Group (MoTech) seeks qualified applications for multiple positions under the supervision of Dr. Yili (Kelly) Tang, who is an Assistant Professor with join appointment at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE).

Kelly leads and co-leads multi-million national and international research grants and is the guest editor and reviewer in leading journals. She is the committee member of NSERC Canada and standing committee member of AED20 in US Transportation Research Board.

In parallel, Kelly has four years of experience as an algorithm engineer and researcher in industry on automation, robotics, and multi-agent systems, and has won over six awards in research and entrepreneurship.

Her research studies have been published in top-tier journals in transportation engineering and science, economics, and energy domain. For more information about the research group, please visit https://www.mobility-tech.al

Position Descriptions:

Candidates will conduct research on sensing data analyses, pattern recognition, time-series machine learning predictions, anomaly detections and relevant studies for predictive maintenance in railway systems.

Summer 2024 enrollment opens to Canadian. Domestic applications. Fall 2024 enrollment opens to both domestic and international applications.

Support and Timelines:

1 PhD position with preferred enrollment in Summer 2024. All positions are with financial support as per university guidelines: https://grad.uwo.ca/finances/

Visiting researchers and exchange students are also welcome. Please email ytang564@uwo.ca directly for inquiries.

Required Qualifications:

Candidates are preferred to have a strong background in data science, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, transportation engineering or civil engineering, and should have strong interests and motivations for transportation research.

Prior programming skills are required (Python and/or MATLAB and/or Java, and/or low-level programming language).

Experience in Linux and SSH.

Application procedures:

Interested applicants please follow the procedures below to send a single email with the subject [2024 Railway Resilience Applicant] to ytang564@uwo.ca:

Step 1: All applicants please check the admission requirements by the university and department. Please indicate in the first line of your email that “I checked the university admissions and meet (or will meet) the requirements.”

Step 2: In the email, please attach the following documents in .pdf:

1) one-page cover letter indicating your relevant background, interests and motivations. Please also indicate which host department you are interested in (CEE, ECE or both).

2) one-page research statement.

3) up-to-date transcript. (including Bachelor, Master and PhD transcripts if applicable)

4) CV.

5) one representative publication if there is any.

Please ensure to have the correct subject and complete application package. An email filtering scheme is set, and thus incorrect or

Incomplete applications will not be received.

Deadline: March 17th, 2024 but Review of the applications will start immediately and on a rolling basis. Applications after the

Deadline may also be reviewed.

Future updates of this posting will be on the website. https://www.mobility-tech.al/openings

Information is subject to change and cross-posted. Please refer to the research group website for the most up-to-date information.

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