Yaa Titi Rants: Akufo Addo Isn’t Strong Enough To Fire These 3 Tired Ministers Because He Is Tired

For Ghanaians who typically watch Maakye on Onua TV, the weekdays are always exceptional. Captain Smart frequently astounds Ghanaians with the most recent information on the nation’s issues, but today Yaa Titi took over and her program today exposed specific ministers who need to be fired since they are not performing up to par.

Yaa Titi is a highly courageous and bold woman who possesses great strength. Initially, she was discussing how Ghanaian politicians are under performing but misusing the nation’s funds without any accountability.

She then went on to certain politicians who were worn out and had nothing more to offer Ghanaians. She brazenly listed three ministers who are worn out and have run out of ideas.

She urged the President of the United States, who is currently in office, to remove them from office, but she added that the President is worn out and lacks the energy to do so.

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She claimed that President Akufo Addo, Afriyie Akoto, Adwoa Sarfo, and Napo (Matthew Opoku Prempeh) are all exhausted.

She further stated that Napo is doing little to address the ongoing power outages in the nation. They continually insist that this power loss is not related to the Dumsor, yet it is.

She added that Adwoa Sarfo is currently abroad but is still a minister and that the agriculture minister is so worn out that there is nothing more he can do.

She finished by stating that since the President is exhausted, he cannot possibly replace these exhausted ministers.

SOURCE: Operanews.gh

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