Ghana Gas Local Scholarship 2024


The 2024 Ghana National Gas Limited Company (GNGLC) scholarship application is open to qualified Ghanaian students pursuing Undergraduate and HND Courses in any accredited public tertiary institution in Ghana.


Applicant must be a Ghanaian (Applicant must possess a Ghana card, Passport or Birth Certificate for verification of identity).

Applicant must have an admission letter from a tertiary institution (University or Technical University) in Ghana.

Applicant must not be above the age of thirty-five-(35) at the time of applying for the scholarship.

Applicant must prove that he/she is Brilliant but Needy.


Admission Letter

SHS/Vocational/Technical Certificate

Birth Certificate/Ghana Card/Passport

Recent passport size picture

A statement of carrier objectives to justify your request for the scholarship.

Any other Supporting Documents


All applicants are required to visit the Ghana Gas website to access the scholarship portal to complete an online application form.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sustainable Business on the navigation menu
  3. Click on Company Scholarship and apply

•Only Shortlisted applicants shall be contacted.

The details of application processes and requirements are available on the guideline section of the application portal.


•Applicants must not be on any other public/private institution scholarship. All correspondence shall be between Ghana National Gas Limited Company and the scholarship applicant

Scholarship applications shall be received ONLY through a scholarship application portal for processing. Misrepresentation in any material form renders the application null and void.

Award made base on that be withdrawn and person(s) involved prosecuted. The Deadline for submission of application is 8th April, 2024.

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