List of 11 schools in the U.S that still have Fall 2024 Applications Open

Check these links out to see if your intended program is there! (Please note some of these dates are for regular admissions).

1.  University of Texas at Dallas https://graduate- (May1).

2.  University of Texas at San Antonio  – Applied mathematics (Mar 15), Biomedical Engineering , Communication, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Geoscience, Sociology, History, Environmental, Electrical, Civil, Chemical Eng (June 1), etc

3.  San Jose State University – Engineering, Public Health, Kinesiology, Art, Geology, Mathematics, Public Admin, Economics- (April 1), Bioinformatics, Biology, Data Science, Software Eng- (Mar 1), Business Admin- (May 1), etc

4.  University of Louisiana at Lafayette – May 15

5.  Montana State University – May 15

6.  University of North Dakota – Geology, Engineering, Chemistry, Comp Sci, and some other majors (May 1)

7.  University of Houston – Accountancy (May 1), Aerospace, Electrical, Civil, Computer & Systems Eng, Law,JD (Mar 15), Mathematics, Cybersecurity, Finance (April 1) Architecture, Human Nutrition (April 30), Biology & Biochemistry (May 31), MBA( April 1), Chemistry (Mar 31), LL.M (April 15), etc.

8.  Stephen F Austin State University. Business Admin, Geology, Forestry, biology, school psychology, professional counselling, etc. (June 1)

9.  University of Delaware –  (July 1)

10.  North Dakota State University- (May 1)

11.  The University of Toledo – Electrical, Industrial, mechanical, Comp Engineering, (Mar 1), Mech (Mar 15), (See link for other depts deadlines)

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