Sad:Man Of God Catches Wife In Bed With His Assistant Pastor, Starts Praying In Tongues [WATCH VIDEO]

A Nigerian man of God is in tears after catching his wife who is also Osofo Maame in bed with his assistant pastor.

The heartbroken man of God is heard calling the wife a disgrace to womanhood.

The man of God in the video, which has since gone viral, is heard praying in tongues to curse his wife and his assistant pastor.

” I trusted you this young man, I brought you to my home and made you my assistant pastor and you do this to me. How could you? The man of God to his assistant pastor.

” You call yourself a woman of God. You are a disgrace to womanhood and the church. How could you do this to me and blame the devil? Have you forgotten the wages of sin is death?” He chastised his wife.

From the video, you could tell the man of God who is still carrying a Bible probably came back from evangelism only to meet his wife in that condition.

It has been alleged that more women cheat in marriages compared to men and some of these reasons are the neglect their spouses show them. But regardless, it’s not an excuse to cheat, if your spouse is not satisfying you sexually, speak with him/ her instead of going out to cheat


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