Statistics Show Black Stars 0.02% Chance of Winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup [Check Out Details]

According to British sports analytics business Opta Analyst, Ghana’s prospects of winning the World Cup are slim.

The FIFA World Cup will be hosted in Qatar later this year, and the Ghanaian Black Stars have been dealt a difficult draw.

As the West African nation gears up to compete in their fourth World Cup event, Otto Addo’s charges placed third in the Kirin Cup. According to Opta Analyst, Ghana has a remote possibility of being the first country from the continent to win the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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Opta Analyst, perhaps the largest data-focused sports organization in the world, has calculated that the Black Stars’ chances of winning the 2022 World Cup are fewer than 1%. Ghana’s odds of winning the World Cup have been pegged at 0.02 percent by Opta Analysts, according to a tweet seen by Sports Brief.

The West African nation has been placed in Group H with Ronaldo’s Portugal, South Korea, a major Asian power, and Uruguay in what seems to be a difficult but not impossible group to advance from. The prediction model is based on repeatedly simulating the results of the competition.

Among the 32 eligible countries, France (17.93%), Brazil (15.73%), and Spain are the top-ranking countries (11.53 percent ).

Senegal has the greatest percentage of the five African countries that have made it to the World Cup, with 0.19 percent, followed by Ghana (0.02 percent), Tunisia (0.01 percent), Morocco (0.01 percent), and Cameroon (0.00 percent), in that order.


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