Top 10 greatest players in Barcelona’s history voted by the club’s fans, Ronaldinho and Maradona appear on the list, Messi’s position surprises many

The top 10 players who have ever played for the Spanish powerhouse Barcelona have been chosen by the team’s supporters.

Fans of the game were startled by Lionel Messi’s ranking since they believed he should have been at the top given his outstanding accomplishments and charismatic on-field performance.

Messi was compelled to quit Barcelona after his deal with the team expired and they were unable to afford to renew it.

The failure of players like Neymar, Rivaldo, and Ronald Koeman to crack the top 10 is even more astounding.

Ronaldinho, a football wizard and 2005 Ballon d’Or winner, completes the top three.

Maradona won, which is equally remarkable given that he only lasted two years at the Camp Nou before leaving for Napoli, despite his prowess on the field.

See the full list below;

1) Diego Maradona

2) Lionel Messi

3) Ronaldinho

4) Johann Cruyff

5) Andres Iniesta

6) Xavi

7) Luis Suarez

8) Ronaldo Nazario

9) Gerard Pique

10) Carles Puyol


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