The most corrupt government in Nigerian history is Buhari’s.- Bishop Oyedepo

The Living Faith Church Worldwide’s Presiding Bishop, David Oyedepo, has described President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration as the most corrupt in Nigerian history.

During a church service today, June 13, the man of God said that.

Many children are out of school, there is nothing to pay to get them back to school. We saw some folks in Covenant University that we had to help out to graduate. First-class students can’t get N30,000 to pay under this wicked government, selfish, self-centred.

What a fight against corruption? You were all deceived. You can’t be in corruption and be fighting corruption. The most corrupt regime in the history of Nigeria.

You heard of the Auditor General… N80 billion. All they need to get the university up and running is less than the N80 billion but they are not interested because their children are not there.”

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