Revealed: Islamic SHS student reveal deep secret after clash with the police [Watch Video]

The incident that caused students to be sent to the hospital in a hurry at the Islamic Senior High School in Abrepo, Ashanti Region, has been described by a student there.

The student described the incident’s beginning in a video, as well as how the cops shot him with warning shots.

The male student who had leg wounds said he was in front of the staff building when the police opened fire.

He said that despite police orders to stop protesting and go back to class, the students resisted.

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The student was injured on both legs by the bullet that passed through the wall after the police blasted warning bullets and used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

In front of their school on Monday, students from the Islamic Senior High School in Abrepo, Ashanti Region, took to the streets to protest the high number of traffic accidents.

Passengers were unable to use that length of the streets because the students had barricaded them.
In an effort to disperse them, the police used tear gas, pepper spray, and warning shots after being called in to calm the situation.

[Watch the video below]


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