Ghanaian Lady Aspiring To Be A Lawyer Narrates How She Ended Up As A Carpenter

Nana Adzigbli, a successful Ghanaian carpenter without any training, has described how she was able to make it in life.

The young woman says she intended to be a lawyer and tried other jobs, including TV presenting, but it never worked out. She opted to follow her father’s last words and pursue a career in carpentry, which has proven to be one of her best decisions as she now owns her own shop.

Nana Adzigbli Ama Comfort, the popular Ama Endorsed on Instagram, has described how she became a successful carpenter after aspiring to many jobs but never making it. In a tremendously motivating Q&A with, Ama Endorsed revealed her incredible life experience.

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Nana stated that as a child, she always wanted to be a lawyer, and that while she couldn’t pursue that after SHS at Aburi Presbyterian Sec. Tech, she could study carpentry

Nana recalled a piece of wisdom she received from her father in his final words, “Aside from carpentry, you will never be successful in any other profession. You were born to inspire the female generation to be creative.” Nana resolved to pursue carpentry with the little skills she had gained from her father, a carpenter himself.

Fast forward to now, and the young woman owns her own carpentry shop, Namas Decor GH, and currently works with three gentlemen.


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