Jose Mourinho Appears to Vanish During Roma Press Conference in Interesting Video

Jose Mourinho

During the Juventus vs. Roma pre-match press conference, Mourinho experienced a “magic” moment. During the press conference, the Portuguese tactician appeared to vanish at one point. Following Saturday’s 1-1 draw against Juventus, Roma are still unblemished in Serie A.

After Jose Mourinho seemingly “disappeared” during a news conference recently, fans on social media were left speechless. Throughout his lengthy coaching career, Mourinho has developed a number of reputations, but fans never expected magic tricks to be one of them.

In the lead-up to the crucial encounter between his team and Juventus, the AS Roma head coach was on media duty when an amusing camera illusion occurred exactly at the end of his statements.

“That man can do everything!”

“The specially talented one.”

Mourinho and press conferences

“Now you didn’t see me, now you do.”

Fans with lengthy memories will be aware that Mourinho has sparked controversy during press conferences before. He was recently rushed out of the press room in February when a reporter questioned him about Roma’s team cohesion, which resulted in an argument.


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